GeoMe Epidemic

The GeoMe Epidemic is a mobile solution specifically designed to help governments contain and better manage the spread of the Coronavirus (and any other epidemic in general).

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Tracing Location History Of Confirmed Patients

The GeoMe Epidemic app starts tracking the user’s location. The app will collect and store the locations (and even the period of stay if required) the user has visited. This data is kept anonymous and is only used if the user becomes infected or had contact with someone who was infected at the time. The app will generate a report to the health department of where exactly the infected person has been for the duration of infection (which apparently is around 2 weeks from observation of first symptoms). Such invaluable data can be provided anonymously without the infected app user being identified. The data will then be used by the government, for example, to help with a better understanding of the virus movements, better manage communication with the public, warn other users that they have been at a place where an infected person visited along with recommended action (the app can also do that automatically if required), and can also be used (if appropriate) to warn people to avoid specific areas.

Enforcing Quarantine/Self-Isolation Order

The GeoMe Epidemic mobile app is able to confirm and verify compliance (or otherwise) of an order to a person to self-isolate. An area (i.e. geo-fence) is specified where the self-isolated person must remain within, failure to do so will warn the user and if they remain outside the geo-fence for x number of minutes, then an alert is sent to a government worker to take action. To prevent the person from defying the order by leaving their mobile phone behind, the app will request a "selfie" photo at random times. Alternatively, this can also be implemented where a government worker calls a person who is under required self-isolation while at the same time get their current location from the app to confirm and verify compliance.

Geo-Based Communication With The Public

Using the GeoMe Epidemic app, the government will be able to communicate with a part of the public that is located within a specified geo-location area (i.e. within a geo-fence). The geo-fence can be specified as desired and may include the whole of Australia, a state, a city, a suburb, or even a particular spot (ex. a beach, shopping centre, etc).

Context-aware Prevention Alerts

The GeoMe Epidemic mobile is able to send personalised context-aware alerts and notifications with hygiene-related tips and prevention-based messages. For example, the app will alert the user as soon as they come back home to remind them of the need to wash their hands with soap. If the user goes to the pub (ie. specified as a no-go zone), the app can also warn them to get out of the pub.

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