Enable Coordinated Communication That Is Geo-Augmented, Context-Aware, On-Demand, And Direct

geome drive thru
Virtual Drive-Thru
GeoMe Virtual Drive-Thru (Curbside Pickup) technology that allows customers to place an order, drive to your business. Meanwhile, the business takes the order, tracks the customer on the map and prepare the order for pick up upon arrival while in their car.
geome drive thru
GeoMe Business
Does your business involve customer visits, onsite service, or delivery of products? Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing them with accurate ETA and the ability to communicate and track your location while you are on the way.
geome drive thru
GeoMe App
It enables you or a visitor to share journey details with each other on-demand and only for the duration of the chosen journey. During the journey, you will be able to receive accurate ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival) and context-aware notifications such as when the other user(s) is en-route or arrived. You may also call, text message, or track their location in real-time.

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Enable coordinated communication between businesses and customers that is context-aware, geo-augmented, on-demand, and direct.