Enable Coordinated Communication That Is Geo-Augmented, Context-Aware, On-Demand, And Direct

GeoMe For Consumers

Share Journey Details With Friends, Loved Ones, And Businesses

This app should be installed by consumers who wish to Geo-connect with friends, loved ones, and businesses by sharing journey details such as ETA, real-time Geo-tracking, and Geo-notifications.

GeoMe For Business

Give Your Business The Ultimate Channels Of Communication With Existing & New Customers

GeoMe Business

This app should be installed by businesses that intends to visit customer's location.

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GeoMe Drive-Thru

This app should be installed by businesses that want to provide their customers with Virtual Drive-Thru technology. It only takes a few minutes to set up.

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GeoMe Epidemic

The GeoMe Epidemic is a mobile solution specifically designed to help governments contain and better manage the spread of the Corona Virus (and any other epidemic in general).

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Enable coordinated communication between businesses and customers that is context-aware, geo-augmented, on-demand, and direct.